Do your own thing with a policy you control, with customizable guarantees and features.

For women who are healthy and financially stable.


your destiny by locking in career gains as you go.

Be Secure

in coverage continuity, even during a long break.


how you work, protecting your career investment.

Female odds of disability
are 2-6 times greater 
than premature death.
Prior to age 65, for periods of disability lasting 90+ days
Age 35
Age 55
National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Individual Disability Table A (1985)

Income protection for women can be obtained at lower cost through discounts, unisex programs, and just knowing where to look. 


Awareness of such programs is a specialty of Disability Underwriters, which works with multiple insurance carriers to deliver reasonably priced income protection for women.

Guaranteed To Be There

Individual coverage is generally Guaranteed Renewable and often Non-Cancellable to age 65 or older - meaning the insurer cannot increase the premium or cancel coverage unless the policyholder requests it - even during a break in service or reduced hours, provided the premium is paid.

Get to know a few basics about qualifying.

Control Your Destiny

Plan ahead for time off, followed by re-entry or self-employment, or doing unpredictable work that you control.  Career flexibility requires the ability to continue coverage no matter how you choose to work - without risk of cancellation - and upgrade as your income grows.

Own-Occupation Coverage

Own-occupation coverage for the full Benefit Period is fairly standard, meaning it should pay even if the insured individual can do something else.  Whether full benefits will still be paid while working in a different occupation is policy-specific.

Customize the Durations

The Elimination Period (the length of time before benefits begin) is selected at the time of application and the options are 7, 30, 60, 90, or 180 days. 


Benefit Period options are typically 3 months, 6 months, or 1, 2, 5, or 10 years, or to age 65, 67, or 70.  Lifetime benefits may be available in special situations.

What About Pregnancy?

Current pregnancy would disqualify an individual from acquiring a new policy, so it is important to acquire coverage prior to becoming pregnant.  Furthermore, qualifying for a policy after delivery would only be possible once the mother has returned to work full time (30 hours) because issue amount for the policy is based on a snapshot of current earnings.

With foresight, the best course of action is to acquire a non-cancellable policy while still working full time, prior to becoming pregnant.  Doing so would lock in coverage that would continue after work stops.

Maternity benefits for a strictly "normal" pregnancy are not available, as far as we know, because with normal pregnancy the mother typically recovers before the Elimination Period is satisfied, which is usually 90 days.  Maternity benefits are typical in group markets, but not individual markets.

The exclusions list in most policies may or may not mention pregnancy.  If it does, it will refer to normal pregnancy only (meaning loss due to normal pregnancy is excluded) but does not apply an exclusion to complications of pregnancy.  Some policies don't exclude for normal pregnancy either, however that would be only when the Elimination Period is 90 days or longer.

Pre-Existing Conditions

As a general rule, disclosed medical history is not subject to a pre-existing condition limitation.  As for omissions, all policies have a contestability period (usually 2 years post-issue), after which the standard for the insurer to contest the claim transitions from misrepresentation to fraud.  

It may be possible to issue coverage without a pre-existing condition limitation in group environments.

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