Group Disability Insurance

Basic paycheck protection with no medical underwriting.

For groups with 2 or more members.


Facts that May Surprise You

The odds of disability are about twice that of death.
Prior to age 65, for periods of disability lasting 90+ days
National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Individual Disability Table A (1985); Statistical Abstract of the United States
Group Long Term Disability (LTD)

Long Term Disability (LTD)

Basic paycheck protection by virtue of membership, with no individual action or medical underwriting required.


For groups with 2 or more members.

100% Income Replacement Disability Insurance

Employee Paid (Voluntary)

Add value for employees with discounts and relaxed underwriting while keeping business overhead lean.

For groups of 3 or more - ongoing participation not required

Retirement Contribution Disability Insurance

Retirement Protection

Replace 401(k) or other retirement contributions so that you keep saving during a period of disability.

For groups and individuals contributing to a retirement plan.

Bonus Stock Equity Incentive Compensation Disability Insurance

Performance Pay Protection

Cover bonuses, equity grants, and other compensation not covered by group LTD.

For groups with incentive compensation.

Multi Life Individual Disability Insurance

Supplemental IDI

Get up to 100% income replacement by supplementing group coverage with Individual Disability Income (IDI) insurance, issued at a discount and possibly reduced medical screening.

For groups of three (3) or more - employer or employee paid

disability insurance for older workers

Older Workers' Coverage

Have employees that are getting up there?   Group LTD usually pays for less than two (2) years once they hit 65 or so.  Here's how you can compensate for that.

For groups with at least ten (10) members (of any age)

Extended Leave Disability to care for Family

Family Care

When an employee takes time off to care for a seriously ill family member, how long can you keep paying them?  Here's how to extend it.

For groups and individuals.

Why Do Businesses Need Disability Insurance?

Brian Bushlach's Business Briefing

Originally aired on KVI Seattle, September 23, 2017

Duration: 10 minutes

An interview with Rip Curtis covering the problems businesses face when a Principal or employee gets sick - including absence management, key-person, buy-out, and loss of income.

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