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Disability Insurance for Allergists / Immunologists in Colorado

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According to Medscape's 2022 Physician Compensation Report, the average Allergist / Immunologist in the Denver, Colorado area with 1-7 years experience earns $220,851 per year. Over the next 25 years with 3% annual increases, that pencils out to $13,109,038 in total career earnings, assuming he/she remains healthy enough to receive it. That's a lot to leave to chance; and that's why disability insurance is so important.

Considerations for Allergists / Immunologists

Allergists and Immunologists have special considerations when it comes to selecting a disability income insurance policy. The definition of disability should be specialty-specific. In a disability scenario, the Allergist / Immunologist would want to be paid full benefits due to being disabled as an Allergist / Immunologist, even if he or she could work as another kind of physician. Furthermore, the definition of disabled should permit working in a different occupation (or medical specialty) without compromising benefits. This is because disability benefits are rarely adequate to provide the same standard of living, and the Allergist / Immunologist would have to re-train for another occupation.

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Understanding the need for disability income protection

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Illinois Mutual

An overview of why real estate agents need disability income insurance

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