Individual Disability Insurance for

Software Developers & Engineers


Why Software Developers Need Personal Income Protection


If you move on - perhaps a small firm, a startup, or work on a contractor basis - you may lose your group coverage.  A personal policy gives you the security of guaranteed coverage as your career evolves.

Mental work is what you do.  Individual policies can afford to offer more guarantees and features than group policies - including full mental coverage - because you have to qualify to get one.

Variable Pay

Due to the type and variability of compensation, developers need income protection that can cover all of their compensation - not just base pay - and can be ratcheted up during peak years to lock in the gains.

Mental Work

Facts that May Surprise You

Leading Causes of Disability Claims


Psychological (Mental/Nervous)

Connective Tissue



Council For Disability Awareness; 2014 Long Term Disability Claims Survey  (90 days or more)

Why Disability Underwriters


With 20 years of experience in disability insurance, Disability Underwriters offers insight into the special needs of Developers.


Disability Underwriters works for you, to match what you need with the offerings of multiple insurance companies, including both group and individual approaches.


Take advantage of group discounts - sometimes even without the employer's endorsement - potentially saving thousands.

Disability Underwriters is a Seattle based disability insurance agency serving Software Developers and Engineers who seek to purchase individual or group disability insurance.   Disability Underwriters is licensed in all fifty (50) states.   Services performed for software developers and engineers include carrier selection, advice on policy configuration, application, and ongoing servicing.

Disability Underwriters markets and services various types of disability programs, including individual, multi-life (employer sponsored and common employer), affinity/association and group types.  The minimum number of individuals required to establish a group is two (2), depending on the type of program.   

Quotes are merely preliminary estimates and subject to qualification which the insurer will determine.   To receive a binding offer, you must formally apply and authorize the insurer to perform it's own underwriting process which will be detailed in the insurer's application package. 

Disability Underwriters

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