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Employee Paid Disability Insurance

Allow employees to protect their income, voluntarily and at no cost to the business.

Employee Paid Disability Policies Are Portable

Individual Disability Income (IDI) coverage is generally Guaranteed Renewable and often Non-Cancellable to age 65 or older - meaning the insurer cannot cancel or increase the premium until that time, provided the premium is paid - even if the employee leaves the business or the program is terminated.

Billing can be to employees directly at home

Choose your billing method: list billing (to the business which informs payroll deduction) or directly to individuals at home for a truly hassle free program.

Only three (3) sign-ups required

Only three (3) policies are required to start, and if participation later falls to one (1) person, that person can keep their policy and will not be adversely affected in any way.

Are your workers paid by 1099?  Discounts can still be offered, but if they are paid by 1099, they will need to medically qualify no matter how large the group is.

Own-Occupation Coverage

Own-occupation coverage for the full Benefit Period is fairly standard, meaning it should pay even if the insured individual can do something else.  True Own-Occupation, which pays full benefits even if working in a different occupation while on claim, is also available.

Customized for Each Employee

Employees can custom-configure their own policies, including the Elimination Period, Benefit Period, Benefit Amount and Riders, subject to underwriting constraints.

No Earnings Reporting

There is no administrative hassle.  There is no need to update the carrier with current earnings or hours because these types of policies pay out benefits as a fixed dollar monthly indemnity amount (e.g., $5,000 per month, $10,000 per month) rather than a percentage of earnings.  

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