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In no event shall Disability Underwriters, Rip Curtis, personally be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages rising out of the use of the information herein.  


Disability Underwriters does not guarantee that you will be offered a disability or life insurance policy at the conclusion of your application process.  Disability Underwriters is not an insurance company but rather acts as an agency for multiple insurance companies.   Rip Curtis, Principal Consultant with Disability Underwriters is the agent of record for all applications.  Disability Underwriters does not endorse any specific insurer.


Unless otherwise noted, the graphic images, buttons, layout, and text contained in this web site are the exclusive property of Disability Underwriters and may not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of Disability Underwriters.  Permission is granted to print copies of this document, and to display and use this document with a computer solely for personal or internal use.


You agree and understand that we may contact you via phone or email to follow up regarding your request for disability or life insurance in order to verify information for the purpose of giving you the most accurate quote possible.  When you fill out our quote request form you are explicitly initiating a relationship with us (as defined by the National Do Not Call Registry), inviting and consenting to the receipt of information by Disability Underwriters and, as such, are indefinitely waiving any right to claim that we contacted you without your express consent.  At any time we will immediately honor any request to be placed on our internal “do not contact” list.

Personal Information

Under Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, consumers have the right to limit the dissemination of nonpublic personal information. Disability Underwriters maintains a strict policy against the dissemination of nonpublic personal information which may be found in the files of its clients and applicants.  Such nonpublic personal information is routinely provided by consumers to life insurance companies and related individuals including, but not limited to, their agents, wholesalers, and reinsurers, all of whom need this information in order to evaluate their inquiries, provide accurate price quotations, and underwrite their applications for coverage. As such, in order to provide the high level of service our clients have come to expect, it is understood that by filling out and submitting a quote request form, or application request form, consumers are granting Disability Underwriters the permission to evaluate this information, and in it’s sole judgment, to share it with insurance companies, their reinsurers, wholesalers, and other related parties (including the applicant) as necessary for the purpose of shopping for, evaluating, making recommendations regarding, and/or underwriting any proposed or existing disability or life insurance coverage. Such nonpublic personal information is not used for any other purpose.


The underwriting (risk assessment) will not begin until after the completed, hard-copy, signed application is received by the insurance company.

In conjunction with any formal application for insurance, except as may be provided in a properly-executed Conditional Receipt, no coverage is in force until the insured has received the issued policy, paid the premium and completed any other policy delivery requirements that might be required by the insurance company. If there is any question, concern or ambiguity regarding this issue, please refer to the language on the insurance company’s application form.

Disability Underwriters herein advises all proposed insureds NOT to cancel any existing coverage UNTIL they have received their new policy from the issuing company and found it to be satisfactory. Even if you are applying for coverage to replace an existing policy, NEVER cancel the existing coverage until the new policy is approved, in force, delivered and paid for.

No statement or assurance of Disability Underwriters can override the policy.  Any inconsistencies are your responsibility to determine by reading your policy, for which a free-look period applies for this purpose.

Product Restrictions

Products are subject to underwriting requirements. Suicide and pre-existing condition limitations apply. Products are not available in all states.


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