Long Term Care Insurance

Protect assets and ease the burden on loved ones.

For groups and individuals. 


A no-cost approach for the business.


No tax anywhere, when properly implemented.


Get individual options from multiple insurance companies.

Add value by helping employees get something they can’t get on their own, such as better pricing, reduced medical screening, tax advantages, a unique product, and specialized guidance.

Keep employees at work - physically and mentally - by making it possible to pay for hired help at home rather than having to deal with it themselves.

Working longer to shore up retirement assets is becoming more common, and long term care is major consideration in determining how much is enough.  A dedicated defense of retirement assets allows for more accurate planning.


Disability Underwriters provides a documented process for prudently selecting a carrier.   There are two (2) standard deliverables.

Market Search


The purpose of the Market Search is to document that all options in the marketplace have been thoroughly exhausted.  It also narrows the field of focus by documenting why the majority of carriers are disqualified, based on mission-critical priorities.  

Finalist Evaluation


The Finalist Evaluation is a side by side comparison.  The goal is to prevent unexpected problems by raising considerations that you have not thought of and serve as a checklist for things you haven't mentioned.

People have different needs and circumstances.  That’s why Disability Underwriters offers a broad array of group and individual plans down to one (1) participant, including


  • Tax qualified long-term care insurance

  • Life insurance with LTC or chronic illness riders

  • Individual disability insurance with catastrophic or family care riders

  • Critical illness insurance


Choices matter.  As a highly focused and specialized resource with twenty (20) years of experience in long term care, Disability Underwriters is uniquely well qualified to guide you and your employees through this complex and important topic.


With 20 years of experience in the long term care insurance market, Disability Underwriters offers insight into how to prudently select a carrier. 


Disability Underwriters works for you, to match what you need with the offerings of multiple insurance companies, including both group and individual approaches.  


Disability Underwriters is alert to novel approaches and new products.  Some are affordable, some traditional, and some emphasize guarantees.