Protect assets for the healthy spouse.

Ease the burden on loved ones.


According to PwC, $240,000 in 2016 was enough to cover the long term care liability for 75% of individuals.

There are several types of insurance products that can reduce long term care exposure - each with a special purpose - including

  • Long-term care (LTC) insurance

  • Individual disability insurance

  • Life insurance with LTC or Chronic Illness (CI) riders

  • Critical illness insurance

As a general rule, the type of product a person should look at depends on the willingness to self-insure over time and the need for guarantees.

May be available depending on state of jurisdiction, insurance product, policy configuration and qualifications.

Not available under any circumstances as far as we know


With 20 years of experience in the long term care insurance market, Disability Underwriters offers insight into how to prudently select a carrier. 


Disability Underwriters works for you, to match what you need with the offerings of multiple insurance companies.


Disability Underwriters is alert to novel approaches and products.  


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