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Just Disability

Your client won't be sold other stuff, keeping you in control.  If term life insurance is requested as a convenience to you and your client, that can be accommodated.


Rip will keep you and your team in the loop at every stage.  It's your client.  

Licensed in all 50 states

Rip is licensed in all fifty (50) states and the District of Columbia

Review of Existing Coverage

Identify gaps in plain-English.  Extremely helpful for individual financial planners.


To get started, fill out the Intake Form and have the LTD certificate ready to upload.

Due Diligence

A Market Search Report establishes the universe of options available in the marketplace, then provides a rationale for dismissing all but a few finalists based on high priority criteria.

Know What Questions To Ask

The online Intake Form makes it easy for you - or your client - to get the process started and provide no more information than you feel comfortable.  


Rip is a deep thinker about contracts for disability and long term care. He thinks about the terms and provisions—what do they actually mean - and how they impact a person that has the products. He makes the conversation impactful by relating how features can impact claims.

Steve Bean



A Seattle-based Employee Benefits Consultancy

It is so important to have someone who will competently and professionally represent you and your firm to your clients. It is rare that I can refer someone unreservedly to fulfill this need. But there is a gentleman in the Seattle area who I believe is the most knowledgeable specialist I have ever met in the LTCi industry.


I have personally worked with Rip on several substantial cases and know him to be a true professional who impressed me such that I must enthusiastically recommend him to any advisor who desires the best for their clients.

Gene Pastula


Westland Financial Services

San Diego, California

An insurance wholesale firm

We were very impressed with Rip’s presentation to our Directors and found him to know his product extremely well, therefore we knew he would be clear to our employees as well.  Once on board with the plan, Rip’s great organizational skills and attention to details enabled us to bring the plan to our employees without a hitch and within a short timeline.  School district folks are ultra-conservative and will back away from pressure to purchase products.  Rip presented the facts to employees in a concise manner and without any pressure to purchase coverage.  We experienced a higher participation than expected and I believe it was part due to Rip’s manner.  I would highly recommend Rip to your company and will be happy to talk further about our continued great service relationship we have with Rip.


Benefits Supervisor

Edmonds, Washington

A Few Insurers

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Availability is subject to underwriting and state approval.

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