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Rip W. Curtis, CEBS


Disability Insurance Agent / Broker / Producer

Seattle, WA

Professional Designations

Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS)


B.A., Finance; Michael G. Foster School of Business; University of Washington; 1992

Current Responsibilities

Business development, primarily sourcing business from other insurance agents, employee benefits consultants and financial planners.   

Needs assessments, to determine the nature of the exposure and quantify it as accurately as possible.

Risk assessments, to ensure that proposals are as accurate as possible.

Vendor selection and RFP management, to identify options in the marketplace and identify vendor partners based on buyer needs and priorities. 

Coordinating new business requirements to implement new coverage. 

Communications with group participants (as needed).

Servicing existing business, including facilitating transitions as individuals move between employers, maintaining adequate coverage relative to changing needs.


Monitoring coverage for policy lapses and replacements so that stakeholders with an interest in managing key-person risk remain protected over time.


Rip has been in independent practice since 2002.  Prior to that, he was a Producer with New England Financial, a MetLife company, in Seattle, Washington, since 1998.

He manages several dozen active group accounts and has placed more than 1,000 individual policies through various carriers.   His work is often a based on a combination of group and individual programs.  

Rip has extensive experience with law firms, engineering firms and successful self-employed individuals. 

State Insurance Licensing

Rip is licensed in all fifty (50) states plus the District of Columbia.

Alabama 693034; Alaska 0109096; Arkansas 670169; Arizona 1034318; California 0B73499; Colorado 351718; Connecticut 2625242; Delaware 3000471370; District of Columbia 3000085210; Florida W004391; Georgia 3009530; Hawaii 486346; Idaho 292989; Illinois 670169; Indiana 3411220; Iowa 670169; Kansas 670169; Kentucky 1026779; Louisiana 727692; Maine PRN325152; Maryland 3000002183; Massachusetts 1932470; Montana 3000276492; Michigan 0721730; Minnesota 40519161; Mississippi 10594113; Missouri 8345962; Nebraska 0670169; Nevada 3157202; New Hampshire 670169; New Jersey 1576772; New Mexico 670169; New York 1484281; North Carolina 0670169; North Dakota 670169; Ohio 769705; Oklahoma 3000471388; Oregon 670169; Pennsylvania 847459; Rhode Island 3000471373; South Carolina 670169; South Dakota 40507150; Tennessee 2047645; Texas 1726888; Utah 483697; Vermont 3411471; Virginia 895401; Washington 118074; West Virginia 670169; Wisconsin 2635185; Wyoming 391239


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