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Disability Income Insurance

Disability Underwriters is an independent disability insurance broker serving groups and individuals.

Facts that May Surprise You

The odds of disability are about twice that of death.
Prior to age 65, for periods of disability lasting 90+ days
National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Individual Disability Table A (1985); Statistical Abstract of the United States

Why Disability Underwriters?

Subject Expertise

Knowing what to look for is the key to a good decision.

Group and Individual

Widen the landscape of potential solutions. 

Multiple Carriers

No carrier has a monopoly on flexible underwriting and valuable features.


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Availability is subject to underwriting and state approval.

Group Long Term Disability (LTD)

STD, LTD, Life, Accident, & Critical Illness

Basic paycheck protection with no medical questions.

For groups with two (2) or more members.

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Do your own thing with a policy you control, with customizable guarantees and features.

For individuals who are healthy and financially stable.

100% Income Replacement Disability Insurance

Add value for employees with discounts and relaxed underwriting while keeping business overhead lean.

For groups of 3 or more - ongoing participation not required

Retirement Contribution Disability Insurance

Replace 401(k) or other retirement contributions so that you keep saving during a period of disability.

For groups and individuals contributing to a retirement plan.

Loss of Income Disability Insurance

Insure the income itself against reduced capacity to perform.  Because you'll probably work - the question is what you'll earn.

For groups and individuals with incomes over $100,000.

Key Man Disability Insurance

Keep the business afloat, cover the overhead, fund partner compensation or equity buy-out.

For closely held businesses.

Bonus Stock Equity Incentive Compensation Disability Insurance

Cover bonuses, equity grants, and other compensation not covered by group LTD.

For groups and individuals with incentive compensation.

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Get full benefits if unable to work in a given specialty, even if there are earnings from a different occupation.

For groups and freedom-loving individuals.

Key Person Disability Insurance  Businss Overhead Buyout

Restore parity of income replacement ratios for highly compensated employees capped out by LTD's maximum benefit.

For groups of any size.

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Get up to 100% income replacement by supplementing group coverage with Individual Disability Income (IDI) insurance.

For groups and individuals.

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Protect assets and ease the burden on loved ones.

About Disability Underwriters

Disability Underwriters is a Seattle-based independent insurance agency specializing in disability insurance, including individual disability insurance, group disability insurance, key person disability insurance, and executive disability insurance.  

Disability Underwriters is a trade name for Rip Curtis, a licensed insurance agent in all fifty (50) states and the District of Columbia.  Rip has twenty (21) years of experience in disability insurance and is a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS).

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"I really like the independence that Rip brings. He was open to figuring out what made the most sense based on my goals and family situation. He presented a ton of options and left the door open to see what else I might need."

Jason U.

Engineering General Manager

An Individual Client

Redmond, WA