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Disability Insurance policies in Washington State

Protect your lifestyle
and meet financial obligations to loved ones 

A certain amount of money has to come in the door every month, no matter what.  If you can't perform at work for health reasons, the best source of funds is disability income insurance benefits in case things don't return to normal soon.


The challenge is getting enough to maintain your lifestyle; and, if you have a good career, getting the kind of policy that allows you to stay in control of how you work.

As a disability insurance broker, Rip Curtis is your guide to acquiring the best policy for you.  You'll receive prompt attention and your personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

Both group and individual options are available.

Individual Disability Income Insurance Companies

in Washington State    (other states)

Disability Insurance Programs For Businesses

These can be either group policies or individually issued policies through a group.

Exactly what defines "disabled" determines how much choice you have to work on your own terms.   The better your career, the more important it is to control your own destiny with a high quality definition of disability.  Learn more about how to choose the best definition of disability for you.

How to Choose the Definition (cover).jpg

Office Location

Rip Curtis

Disability Underwriters

City Centre Building in downtown Seattle, Washington

Kind Words

"I really like the independence that Rip brings. He was open to figuring out what made the most sense based on my goals and family situation. He presented a ton of options and left the door open to see what else I might need."

Jason U.

Engineering General Manager

An Individual Client

Redmond, WA

Rip builds strong relationships with a genuine interest in supporting both our employees and our firm. Rip is thorough and thoughtful. He answers tough questions, documents decisions, and keeps us on track. With many things competing for my attention I couldn't ask for a better partner. 

Karen Wren

Director of Benefits

Point B

A national management consulting firm

Rip is a deep thinker about contracts for disability and long term care. He thinks about the terms and provisions—what do they actually mean - and how they impact a person that has the products. He makes the conversation impactful by relating how features can impact claims.

Steve Bean



A Seattle-based Employee Benefits Consultancy

“Rip saved us more than half by knowing where to look and adding a group discount.  Good follow-up over the years.”

Jim Herd


Herd Freed Hartz

Executive Search Partners

Seattle, WA


From a client on claim

“Rip has been incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and attentive during what otherwise is a very scary and sad experience. He is smart not only about his products, but the broader disability insurance landscape. This was invaluable since I was pretty unfamiliar with all the aspects I needed to know. I’d absolutely recommend working with Rip. You’re better off with him at your side!”

Erika G.

Marketing & Communications Strategist

Seattle, WA


“Our firm has done business with Rip for more than ten (10) years. He has always been responsive to any service issues and the Partners get a lot of value out of the individual attention he provides - walking them through what they have, reminding them what they have, and so forth. He checks in routinely and takes an interest in claims to make sure we’re taken care of both as a firm and individually.”

Lindsay R. Schaller

Business Manager

Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker

A Seattle law firm specializing in construction and government contracts


Mr. Curtis has a depth of knowledge of the market. He was very straightforward and presented many options that helped us to include a program that was cost effective for our firm.

Deborah D.

Business Manager

A Seattle law firm


It is so important to have someone who will competently and professionally represent you and your firm to your clients. It is rare that I can refer someone unreservedly to fulfill this need. But there is a gentleman in the Seattle area who I believe is the most knowledgeable specialist I have ever met in the LTCi industry.


I have personally worked with Rip on several substantial cases and know him to be a true professional who impressed me such that I must enthusiastically recommend him to any advisor who desires the best for their clients.

Gene Pastula


Westland Financial Services

San Diego, California

An insurance wholesale firm

We were very impressed with Rip’s presentation to our Directors and found him to know his product extremely well, therefore we knew he would be clear to our employees as well.  Once on board with the plan, Rip’s great organizational skills and attention to details enabled us to bring the plan to our employees without a hitch and within a short timeline.  School district folks are ultra-conservative and will back away from pressure to purchase products.  Rip presented the facts to employees in a concise manner and without any pressure to purchase coverage.  We experienced a higher participation than expected and I believe it was part due to Rip’s manner.  I would highly recommend Rip to your company and will be happy to talk further about our continued great service relationship we have with Rip.


Benefits Supervisor

Edmonds, Washington

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